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Rules for FEELE lab experiments

By registering for FEELE lab experiments, you indicate your availability to participate in economic experiments conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter and from other universities worldwide.

Please read the following points very carefully.
  • You must be a student at the University of Exeter in order to participate in our laboratory experiments.

  • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will receive an invitation e-mail. Only invited persons have the opportunity to take part in the experiment.

  • If you receive such an invitation e-mail, you are not obliged to respond: participation in our experiments is entirely voluntary. If you do wish to participate, you must follow the instructions in the e-mail and book ONE session of the experiment. By booking a session, you are making a COMMITMENT to show up ON TIME to that session. If you arrive two or three minutes late, you will NOT be considered to have shown up 'on time'.

  • Please understand that it can cause serious inconvenience to others if, having booked, you do not show up or show up late. We typically require an exact number of participants in order to run the session at all. If we are one person short, the start will have to be delayed, which inconveniences a roomful of your fellow students, all of whom have made an effort to get to the lab on time. We may have to abandon the session altogether and send everyone home. Abandoned sessions cost us time and money (we have to pay show-up fees), and it is not always possible to re-schedule them. Therefore:

    • Whenever you do not show up on time for a session which you have booked, a distinctive 'no-show' mark will be added to your reputation score. The more distinctive marks you have, the lower your chances of being invited for future experiments. Once your reputation score contains THREE distinctive marks, you will no longer be allowed to take part in experiments at the FEELE lab.

  • YOU MAY NOT ORDINARILY CANCEL OR CHANGE A BOOKING WHICH YOU HAVE MADE. If you book the wrong session by mistake, or are unable to attend for any reason at all, you should e-mail us at the earliest opportunity and in any case a minimum of TWENTY FOUR (24) HOURS in advance of the start of the session. If you do not give sufficient notice then we will not reply to your e-mail and a no-show mark will automatically be added to your reputation score; no exceptions will be made.

    • We regret that, as a rule, bookings cannot be changed, only cancelled, even if you give us plenty of notice; this is due to the other sessions being fully booked.

  • In order to ensure we get enough participants, we over-book some sessions. If you show up ON TIME, but cannot get a place in the experiment, you will receive a show-up fee. Admission to the experiment is not necessarily first-come-first-served.

  • If you do participate in the experiment, your payment may depend on an element of luck, as well as, on the decisions made both by you and by other participants in the session.

    • You may or may not be paid a show-up fee in addition to any earnings from the experiment: this will be stated clearly in the instructions.

  • Once the session is under way, your continuing participation is voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at any time. If you do withdraw, however, or fail to complete the session for whatever reason, you will not be paid at all.

  • If we are forced to abandon a session, e.g. due to computer failure, all participants will be paid a show-up fee whose magnitude depends on the length of time the abandoned session had been running.

  • All participants will be expected to comply with the rules of the experiment as explained in the instructions. If you do not understand the instructions, please seek clarification with the experiment's convenor.

  • To ensure that only those people who were invited and who responded positively to the invitation e-mail take part in the experiment, you must bring photographic proof of identity to every session you attend. Your Exeter University Student ID Card is acceptable as proof of identity, as is your passport. No other forms of ID will be accepted. If you come without ID then you run the risk that we may refuse to admit you to the session, in which case you will not be paid a show-up fee and you will receive a no-show mark. Please do not send a friend to attend in your place because they will not be admitted to the session and you will be considered not to have shown up!

  • You MUST enter correct registration details. While we welcome participants from all backgrounds, some of our experiments have strict demographic / subject of study eligibility criteria. It is therefore important that we have accurate data on our participants to ensure the validity of the research we conduct at FEELE.

Personal data
  • We use the hroot 'Recruitment System' to store the personal details of participants in scientific experiments. We do not disclose this data to third parties. We use the data for the following purposes:
    • to inform subscribers of upcoming lab and internet experiments
    • to invite a scientifically-chosen subset of subscribers to register for certain experiments
    • to keep track of the participation, appearance and non-appearance of registered subscribers and to maintain a reputation score relating to non-appearances
  • There is no link between the computer system recording the experiment data and the hroot 'Recruitment System'.
  • A subscriber may at any time elect not to receive further invitations to experiments.
  • A subscriber may request the permanent deletion of his / her personal data, by writing a signed letter to: The lab manager, FEELE laboratory, Economics Department, University of Exeter Business School, Streatham Court, Rennes Drive, EXETER, EX4 4PU.

Experiment data
  • We use a computer system to record the decisions made by participants in our experiments.
  • The experimenters analyse this data for the purposes of scientific research. The decision data cannot be used to identify individual participants and in this sense participation in our experiments is anonymous.
  • The anonymous post-analysis data will be used to produce academic research and to deliver lectures.
I have read the above points and agree with the following statements:

  1. I have provided correct registration information and I have not attempted to register more than once.

  2. I will give a minimum of twenty four hours notice if I wish to cancel a booking.

  3. Whenever I fail to show up on time to a session without giving this notice, a distinctive 'no-show' mark will be added to my reputation score; there will be no exceptions to this rule. Once I have received THREE distinctive marks, I will no longer be allowed to take part in experiments at the FEELE lab.

  4. It has been explained to me that 'on time' means exactly that: on time to the second, and certainly not two or three minutes late.

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